Customer 360

Gather holistic data that empowers you to refine your customers’ experience

One51 Business Intelligence Consultants can assist your business in designing, planning and implementing a Customer 360 solution that centralises and visualises your customer data all in one place. 


A single source of truth.


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What is Customer 360?

Single View of a Customer. An Intelligent Solution for Data-Driven Customer Experience

A Customer 360 data model describes a holistic 360-degree view of customers through data

This strategy aims to aggregate and break down data silos to create a single, centralised perspective of each and every customer. 

Many organisations use the Customer 360 approach to deeply understand their customers. A single 360 customer journey will have data concerning an individual customer’s interactions, preferences, behaviours, and history across various touchpoints and channels within a company. This lets them deliver personalised and relevant experiences, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

With a Customer 360 view, organisations can better analyse and understand their individual customer needs to anticipate their expectations, tailor products and services, and run more accurate targeted marketing campaigns. 

Gain deeper and more holistic Customer Insights

Customer 360 also known as Single View of a Customer is a Data Integration process for implementing a Customer Experience solution.

The Data Integration component for Customer 360 provides a comprehensive and unified view of each customer following them across all interactions with touchpoints, channels and engagement with the organisation.

It allows decision-makers to holistically understand their customers as individuals: their preferences, behaviours, and history. Through this deeper understanding, organisations can create targeted strategies that resonate with their customers and help increase loyalty, and retention, and drive further business growth and success.

This is through what customers crave most out of a brand they are loyal to creating highly personalised and relevant experiences.

Benefits of Customer 360

The Customer 360 approach enables organisations to create targeted marketing, personalised communication, and more proactive customer service.

Companies can use Customer 360 data to:

Customer 360 Deliverables:

  • Customer Data Integration Plan
  • Customer Data Model
  • Data Integration and Consolidation
  • Data Quality Checks and Data Cleansing Process
  • Data Governance Policies and Procedures
  • Personalisation and Segmentation Strategies
  • Customer 360 Dashboard
  • Data Privacy and Compliance Documentation
  • Training Materials and User Guides
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Plan for Support

What are the project risks for a customer 360 implementation?

  • Data Quality Issues
  • Data Integration Challenges
  • Overall Technical Complexity
  • Stakeholder Resistance
  • Privacy and Compliance Risks
  • Change Management and User Adoption
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Cost Overruns and Budget Constraints
  • Vendor or Technology Dependency
  • Lack of Continous Improvement

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Top 5 Reasons to Implement Customer 360 in Your Organisation

At the heart of every successful organisation lies a customer-centric approach. Are you ready to take your customer relationships to the next level? 

1. Elevate Customer Experience

Imagine having a crystal-clear, 360-degree view of each customer. Customer 360 does just that, pulling together data from various touchpoints and systems. This comprehensive understanding allows you to cater to individual preferences, behaviours, and interactions. Say goodbye to generic interactions – with Customer 360, you can create personalised, laser-focused marketing campaigns and deliver top-notch customer service. The result? Skyrocketing customer satisfaction and unwavering loyalty.

2. Masterful Decision-Making

In the fast-paced business world, informed decisions are your secret weapon. Customer 360 equips you with a deep dive into customer behaviour and trends. Armed with precise, up-to-the-minute data, you can make decisions that hit the bullseye. Whether it’s shaping product development, crafting marketing strategies, spotting cross-selling opportunities, or fine-tuning customer segmentation, Customer 360 ensures you stay ahead of the competition.


See how we empowered decision-makers in a major fast-food brand with customer insights.

3. Turbocharge Operational Efficiency

Tired of wasting precious time hunting down scattered customer data? Customer 360 sweeps all your customer information into one central hub, slashing data search times. Efficiency skyrockets as departments collaborate seamlessly, and employees make lightning-fast, well-informed choices. Say goodbye to duplicated efforts and redundant data entry – your operations just got a serious upgrade.

4. Targeted Marketing and Personalisation

With Customer 360, customer segmentation becomes child’s play. You can slice and dice your customer base based on attributes, behaviours, and preferences. Armed with these insights, your marketing campaigns become laser-targeted. Picture sending out messages, offers, and recommendations that your customers can’t resist. The result? Marketing gold, with conversion rates that soar.

5. Competitive Advantage and Business Growth

Ready to leave your competition in the dust? Customer 360 is your ticket. By truly understanding and catering to your customers, you’ll attract fresh faces, keep the old ones, and build loyalty that lasts a lifetime. This translates to business expansion, revenue spikes, and an unshakeable foothold in the market.

What One51 offers

The value that our team of business intelligence consultants at One51 bring to the implementation of Customer 360 projects include –

1. Expertise and Experience

One51 specialises in Customer 360 implementations. 

We understand best practices, industry standards, and the latest technologies related to Customer 360. Our experience allows us to navigate challenges effectively and deliver optimal solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs.

2. Strategic Planning and Roadmap

We can help you develop a strategic plan and roadmap for implementing Customer 360. 

We will assess the current state of your operations, define project goals, determine the scope and priorities, and create a step-by-step implementation plan. Following a business strategic approach, we ensure that the project aligns with your organisation’s objectives and maximises the value of the Customer 360 initiative.

3. Technology Selection and Integration

Choosing the right technology stack for your Customer 360 implementation is crucial. 

We will assess your requirements, evaluate available technologies, and recommend suitable tools and platforms. Using our Data Integration capabilities, we can integrate these technologies with your existing systems, ensuring seamless data flow and compatibility.

4. Data Management and Governance

We will ensure that data is accurate, secure, and compliant with relevant regulations, enabling you to build a reliable and trustworthy Customer 360 solution. We will work with your organisation’s stakeholders to help establish data governance policies, quality standards, and integration processes.

5. Change Management and User Adoption

Implementing Customer 360 requires changes in processes, roles, and workflows. 

We will assist with change management efforts, helping your organisation navigate the cultural and operational changes associated with the implementation. We can support this process by developing training programs, providing user support, and ensuring smooth user adoption of the Customer 360 solution.

6. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

One51 can provide ongoing support and maintenance services for all solutions we implement. 

We can assist with data updates, system enhancements, and troubleshooting to ensure the solution remains optimised and aligned with the evolving business needs.

7. Faster Time-to-Value

You can enable your organisation to realise the benefits of Customer 360 faster by leveraging our expertise and experience. 

Our streamlined methodologies, established frameworks, and experienced consultants allow us to execute the project efficiently and reduce the time required for implementation.

If your organisation is planning a venture into elevated customer experiences, it’s important to get the right guidance. Contact us to book a discussion and learn more.


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