About Us

We bring empathy, collaboration, and shared purpose to all our client relationships.


We understand business problems, and we leverage technology and people to deliver best-in-class solutions.


Experience & expertise 

Our specialists have years of experience building enterprise data solutions and consulting for businesses of different sizes. As well as our technical skills, we pride ourselves on our soft skills, which are crucial in the world of consulting.


Stable & predictable results

We are a process-oriented company, and we firmly believe that processes are vital to agility and high performance. Our project delivery framework ensures transparency, timeliness, and predictability of results.


100% Value Driven

We are 100% value-driven and use that mantra when selecting projects to work on. We are not everything to everyone; we don’t follow buzzwords that promise the world in record time. We do things properly – measure twice and cut once, as they say!



Data exploration is key to discovering new insights and identifying limitations. Our experienced consultants facilitate the creative process within your team to meet challenges and invest in new opportunities.

Experience makes us who we are today

Experience makes us who we are today

  • Our practical business know-how and industry experience come from implementing projects across multiple companies in Australia and overseas. We may be consultants now, but we were members of in-house teams in previous lives.
  • Our consulting skills were developed while working for large and small consulting firms – even today, our strategic approaches are continuously evolving. We have collaborated with people from different backgrounds and with different mindsets.
  • Our technical skills are bolstered by the comprehensive training required by our technological partners. This certifies our capabilities to use their tools, giving our clients peace of mind.


A good partnership starts and ends with PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST.

  • We solve problems. First, our mission is simple. We design and implement solutions for business problems.
  • We form authentic relationships. We build long-term relationships with our clients by embedding our services into their organisations and making their business goals our goals.
  • We leverage technology. Technology is what enables us to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients. We love technology and its power as a force for good.

A passion for data and analytics drives One51

  • Business-driven: We put in the time to understand your business and provide informed consultation that aligns with your current and future goals.
  • Customer experience: Service is key to building long-term relationships. We are genuine listeners invested in your business’s success. We provide an agile, responsive, and accommodating service.
  • Customisable solutions: We adapt our solutions to fit your organisation, making data and analytics available and beneficial to everyone.

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