Power BI Health Check​

A holistic health check of your Power BI implementation to accelerate your projects.​

Is your organisation fully leveraging the power of Microsoft Power BI for data-driven decision-making? Are you concerned about the performance, security, and scalability of your Power BI environment?

Here is where our Power BI consultants can help. One51’s Power BI Health Check service is designed to empower your business’s processes for gaining actionable insights. We’ll ensure your reporting and analytics environment on the software adheres to best practices while continuing to serve your business’s unique needs.

What is included in a Power BI Health Check?

Our data consultants use their knowledge of Power BI best practices and business acumen to analyse the different ways businesses implement Power BI projects. 
  • Optimise your Power BI projects for performance
  • Diagnose immediate issues with your current Power BI implementations
  • Identify potential challenges in security and scalability with your current solutions
Furthermore, we customise our solutions to ensure that your Power BI projects continue delivering on your business’s and reporting needs.

The Problems you Could be experiencing Through a Poor Power BI Implementation:


Poor data quality that gives leaders inaccurate insights

Without a good system to capture, track the lifecycle of your company’s data and filter out incomplete data, decision-makers won’t be able to rely on accurate visualisation, reporting and analytics tools.


Your set up could be limiting your business’s scalability

Using Power BI as your data warehouse? You may be limiting your company’s scalability and increasing how long it takes to analyse your data. Additionally, you may run into difficulties when integrating data from different formats and sources into Power BI.

Highly siloed data that’s difficult to access

Many businesses struggle to break down silos between data such as different permission levels and security settings to access, share and collaborate on information. This can add to a lot of additional time waste in an organisation.

Difficult set ups that result in low adoption of Power BI tools

Microsoft Power BI Cloud Service offers a lot of tools for businesses to adopt a greater data-driven culture in the office and more data-involved reports. However, a lack of Power BI knowledge or a non-intuitive Power BI interface often discourages companies from making the most of these power tools.

Ideally, you want even your non-technical workers to be able to interact and use these tools to enhance their performance with presentations, decision-making and reporting. Our Power BI consultants can help optimise your set up and provide assistance to encourage tool adoption.

It is important to get Power BI health check at regular intervals as your projects changes and as your organisation grows, to ensure that your implementation maintains best practices.

Why ask One51 Power BI Consultants for a health check?

At One51, we understand that self-service analytics and Power BI play a pivotal role in empowering data-driven organisations. Our expert Power BI consultants are here to help you maximise the value of your Power BI implementation and address any immediate issues that may hinder your organisation’s growth.

Performance. Security. Scalability. These are the cornerstones of a successful Power BI environment. 

Our Power BI Health Check is a comprehensive audit that assesses the health of your Power BI implementation across these critical dimensions, ensuring your business can confidently harness the full potential of Power BI

What to Expect from a Health Check

Power BI Performance: Optimise Your Analytics Environment

Is your Power BI environment delivering optimal performance as your organisation’s demand for business analytics grows? Our expert consultants will evaluate your data modeling and data architecture to ensure they can support the expanding needs of your business. Unlock the true potential of your data insights with a thorough performance assessment from One51.

Power BI Security: Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Data

Data security and privacy have never been more critical. Our Power BI Health Check scrutinises every aspect of your Power BI environment to ensure it adheres to the best practices for administration, governance, user sharing, and data security. Safeguard your most valuable asset – your data – with One51’s expert consultation.

Scalability & Governance: Expand with Confidence

As your organisation grows, can your Power BI environment scale to meet the demand across departments and teams? Our Power BI consultants will review your environment against a checklist of best practices for publishing reports, administering users, and deploying governance. With our guidance, you can confidently scale and govern your Power BI implementation.


One51’s experienced Power BI consultants conduct the Power BI Health check. They run analytical tools and meet with your IT team to discuss the processes implemented in rolling out and maintaining Power BI reports.

The Power BI Health check covers the following areas:

  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Eliminate effort duplication & waste
  • Eliminate OPEX inflation
  • Reduce the unrealised value
  • Prevent outage
  • Reduce lag
  • Enhance performance
  • Identify ungoverned business rules
  • Eliminate data leaks
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Prevent data misappropriation
  • Prohibit improper access
  • Provide extensive proliferation
  • Ensure correct data residency
  • Continuously track performance
  • Optimise report adoption
  • Promote reports to dedicated workspaces
A precise diagnosis of your Power BI environment will eliminate the security risks associated with data leakage and the sharing of reports with unintended or privileged users. Your tenant diagnosis will ensure your environment remains scalable and performant. Additionally, the diagnosis will highlight any unused workspaces and ill-designed models and implementations that could lead to cost inflations.One51 will also provide your operational team with Analytical Monitoring reports, ensuring your environment’s health is continually monitored. Contact our consultants to get started.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence and data visualisation tool developed by Microsoft. The tool enables organisations to collect, analyse, and visualise their data, providing valuable insights to drive data-driven decision-making. With its intuitive interface and a wide range of features, Power BI allows users to create interactive reports and dashboards, turning complex data into compelling visualisations.



Take a look at the One51 Power BI Admin Dashboard, a comprehensive solution to help you manage and monitor your clients.


Key Features of Power BI’s Service:

  • Interactive Visualisations: Transform raw data into visually appealing and interactive charts, graphs, and maps for easy understanding and analysis.

  • Data Connectivity: Connect to various data sources, both on-premises and cloud-based, to consolidate and analyse information from multiple platforms.

  • Real-Time Data: Access real-time data to make informed decisions promptly and respond quickly to changing business conditions.

  • Natural Language Queries: Utilise natural language queries to ask questions and get instant answers from your data.

  • Mobile Support: Access reports and dashboards on-the-go with mobile apps, ensuring you stay connected to your data from anywhere.

Currently Not Using Power BI in your Organisation?

You could be missing out on the opportunity to get better insights. If your business data is not yet centralised, you can reach out to our business intelligent consultants to implement your data platform efficiently with the help of our accelerators such as One51 Composer.


Enquire today to learn more and find out what’s possible to meet your business’ data visualisation, analytics and reporting needs.

How to get started?

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