Data Quality Assessment

Is your business doing the most it can with data?

One51: Data Assessment

In today’s fast-moving technological world, data exists everywhere. It’s an undeniably valuable asset for businesses: revealing trends, opportunities, problems to address, and new ways to better understand your customers on the other end.

Unfortunately, most companies take too long to organise, understand and act on their data, and fail to take advantage of their unique insights. If they are doing anything in this department at all. In many companies, data management is often a full-time role or team in itself, depending on the resources available. But this isn’t always the most efficient solution for everyone or something that every company can take on. 

In some cases, optimising the implementation, apps and processes for how your organisation uses data can cut costs, and time-loss, and make harnessing insights faster and more efficient. 

Consider getting the recommendations of a data assessment consultant to give your team the roadmap and implement changes to take your company where it needs to go.

Most companies fail at using data. In 2021, only 21% of companies in a survey were found to be data-driven.

You don’t have to be one of them. Realise your unique unfair advantage by leveraging what others miss every day.

What is Data Quality & Why it Matters

Data quality is the measure of how well a data set meets a specific criterion for trustworthiness. 


In data quality assessments, data sets are measured by:

  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Fit for Purpose
  • Completeness
  • Uniqueness
  • Validity
  • Timeliness

High-quality data standards are critical for organisations that seek to be effective with data-driven decisions. When issues with data occur, e.g. duplicate data, outliers, etc arise and aren’t addressed, businesses become more exposed to the risks of lack of compliance and negative outcomes.

In a data quality assessment, we check that information is accurate, complete and reliable so that it can be used in your organisation. 

Request a Data Assessment

Have you been experiencing issues with accessing, using or securing your company’s data? 

Contact us for a consultation for a Data Assessment for your company. 

Our consultants will uncover valuable insights with an assessment of your current data state, and provide a road map to take your processes from data-aware to data-driven. 


As experienced data consultants, we draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise to identify issues and make recommendations to ensure that your company’s data is governed by best practices to securely and efficiently delivers on your intended business outcomes.

Data Quality Assessment (DQA)
Assessing data quality is an overarching and ongoing process. Through a complete audit of your data dashboard, processes and implementation, our consultants provide insight to ensure your data processes are optimised for use and comply with best practices.

Data & Analytics Assessment

Our Data & Analytics Assessment will review your current reporting and analytics landscape, detail existing reporting issues and how they’re impacting your business, as well as identify best practices and recommendations for improving your data and analytics capacity. To ensure you have a clear path forward, we’ll provide you with a roadmap of initiatives that align future state data capabilities with your business strategy.

Data Architecture Assessment

Data architecture governs how data is imported, stored, accessed and used. Well-constructed architecture reduces redundancy, improves data quality, breaks down data silos and provides a scalable and secure platform which underpins your data initiatives. It helps ensure your organisation’s growth in data, and its complexity and velocity is managed with confidence and future needs are met. Our Data Architecture Assessment will provide you with clarity around the gaps in your current architecture, providing recommendations for improvements and ultimately alignment with your business objectives
Data Visualisation Assessment & Rollout Strategy

Data visualisation tools help aggregate and make raw data easy to understand at a glance. As an important part of business communication and decisions, it is critical that your data visualisation capability is implemented and used correctly to maintain compliance and effectively convey accurate information. 

Implementation of a structured approach to introducing a data visualisation tool within your organisation is critical and our Rollout Strategy will help you identify use cases, training requirements, creating awareness in workshops and piloting. Once you’re up and running, our Data Visualisation Assessment reviews your reporting and Dashboard performance, data source connectivity, security, data modelling and data governance framework to ensure you’re telling compelling data driven stories to accelerate insights into action. 

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