Business Intelligence Solutions

One51's answer to building your data platform foundations on Microsoft Azure or Snowflake.

One51 Composer
Composer is One51’s answer to building your data platform foundations on Microsoft Azure or Snowflake. Composer automates the end-to-end processes of profiling, ingesting, storing, validating, and serving your data for consumption.
Power BI Health Check
Power BI Health Check aims to assess your current Power BI implementation, highlighting areas requiring immediate attention to ensure your current reporting and analytics environment is following best practices – all while serving your reporting and business needs.
Snowflake Implementation Services
Whether performing a new implementation or migrating from a different data platform, One51 Snowflake Implementation Services cover the process end-to-end. We deliver the planning, architecture design, and implementation of Snowflake in your environment with minimal to zero impact on your business operations.
Customer and Marketing Insights
Our Customer and Marketing Insights service solves the problem of reporting across multiple platforms in your Marketing Technology Stack.
Our solution collects data from several sources, centralises it, and generates reporting models that deliver the answers you need to better understand your customers’ behaviour and optimise your marketing initiatives.
Our clients can analyse data on a macro and micro scale. They discover the performance of their marketing campaigns in real-time and pivot when needed using a Digital Marketing Dashboard. By eliminating the tedious task of sifting through numerous reports, our solution saves users time and effort.

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