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Empowering data-driven decision making through a Digital Marketing Dashboard for one of the most loved brands in the fast-food industry



After struggling with disparate internal and external reports on sales, marketing and customer insights, our client (a leading global fast-food brand) determined the need to build an in-house reporting capability.

Unsure of where to start and what was feasible, the company reached out to the team at One51 for guidance.

We set out to design and deploy an end-to-end data solution to deliver business-critical insights right to decision makers’ fingertips.

“Siloed reporting was impeding data-driven decision making.”

With an advertising budget into the millions of dollars, our client had previously relied on campaign reports produced by several third-party providers to understand the success of their marketing campaigns.Our client’s Marketing team was forced to weave through lengthy and disparate reports, with no assurance that the data they were receiving was accurate.Without the ability to couple with internal sales figures and other metrics, it was near impossible for decision-makers to gain a complete view of how the business was performing – let alone make quick and imperative business decisions.After establishing goals to boost their data maturity and bring campaign reporting in-house, the famous global brand engaged One51.

Turning billions of records across disparate source systems into easy-to-use reporting

We began the project with a thorough discovery process – engaging with stakeholders to fully understand their existing processes, challenges and objectives.A sample of the key metrics our client wanted to understand were:
Sales figures by time, location, and channel
Customer acquisition and retention rates
Mobile app adoption through the stats provided by the app stores
Customer purchase behaviour and overall experience across all sales channels

It was essential to understand these figures during ad campaigns to gauge whether they achieved the expected targets.

Our team started by plugging all the necessary datasets from disparate sources into a data warehouse to deliver the data capability. We leveraged a number of best of breed technologies, such as Fivetran to ingest data from sources such as Google Analytics and the Google and Apple App stores; Snowflake, for the Event Stream Processing (ESP) of billions of records originating from both the mobile app and the e-comm website.

Another critical component of the project was the implementation of an intuitive dashboard for users to access the data. Given the sheer volume, the dashboard needed to organise information in a consistent and user-friendly way.
We collaborated with stakeholders to provide guidance on the best visualisations for specific metrics, ensure they wouldn’t be overloaded with unnecessary metrics, and interpret relevant information quickly to make decisions in real-time.

The key component for this solution was Fivetran. Fivetran enabled rapid data integration from different sources into the Snowflake data warehouse, which reduced implementation times and eliminated the need for handmade coding. It also allowed our team to focus on the correct implementation of metrics and visualisations for improved reporting and analytics.

Results that exceeded all expectations


Data trust

Without the need to rely on external parties, our client knows exactly where numbers are coming from and why. This assures that reports are accurate and can be trusted for decision making.
Icon_Oversight of campaign success

Oversight of campaign success

With the ability to analyse data on a macro and micro scale, our client can now ascertain the performance of their marketing campaigns in real-time and pivot when needed.

Mobile app uptake and use

Our client can now review the adoption of their mobile app, including when people download or uninstall it, whether in-store promotions are successful in motivating downloads, and more.

Customer experience

Our client’s Marketing Team now has the capability to map customer experience within different locations, during in-store promotions, and so on.

Centralised reporting

All data is now available via our client’s Digital Marketing Dashboard, saving users time and effort as they no longer need to sift through numerous reports.

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