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Transforming data analysis for an energy company

Transforming data analysis for an energy company


Our client, an energy company in the generation and retail sector, faced considerable challenges with their existing platform for analysing customer energy consumption data. The system was complex and did not integrate with their CRM or billing platforms, leading to inefficient manual data handling and causing delays and inaccuracies that significantly impacted decision making.

After partnering with One51, they now have a fully integrated and reliable system that saves substantial time and money while enabling data-driven decision making with exceptional accuracy.

System flaws and manual efforts were draining resources

Energy consumption is a key performance indicator for energy companies. All companies can access this data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), a governing entity in the Australian energy market.

Our client constantly faced issues with an internal system they had designed for extracting and transforming data from the AEMO dataset. Although the platform did provide data for internal analysis, it was complex and unreliable. It also failed to integrate with other essential systems, such as the client’s CRM and billing system. This meant adding data to customer files, among other tasks, had to be performed manually – making it very time-consuming and prone to errors.

From chaos to cohesion: redesigning the data platform

Initially, we consulted subject matter experts to understand the desired functionalities of the system and areas for improvement. We then presented our findings and recommendations to decision makers, proposing the consolidation of the fragmented system into a unified platform that would integrate seamlessly with their CRM and billing system.

After receiving the go-ahead, we began our redevelopment of the platform using agile methodologies to allow for ongoing stakeholder feedback.

The platform redevelopment included defining new business logic which was applied to the data to:

Eliminate duplicate values
Boost accuracy
Improve reliability

We also introduced a monitoring system that would give users real time updates on the currency of the data, and the estimated time for any data loads.

Completed in just over 3 months, the end result was a streamlined system capable of processing data more quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

A quantum leap in data accuracy and operational efficiency

Since the deployment, our solution has saved our client time and money and provided accurate data from which to make informed decisions.

The system now allows for any data load issues to be resolved in less than a day, compared to a month previously.

With an impressive 99.8% data accuracy, as cross-verified with their billing information, the company’s sales and finance teams can:


Review individual customer consumption histories


Forecast future consumption


Calculate potential revenue from new customers


Tailor deals based on usage

Transforming data analysis for an energy company

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