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Building a Composable CDP for a multi-brand Fast Food Company

Building a Composable CDP for a multi-brand Fast Food Company


A substantial amount of industry literature on Customer Data Platforms (CDP) suggests that adopting a CDP is the silver bullet to your customer data problems – eliminating data quality issues and disconnection between systems inherent in storing customer raw data in the organisation.

Adopting a CDP solution can substantially benefit a business, but more is needed to solve the underlying data integration challenges. Adopting an “off-the-shelf” CDP can also lead to being tied to a platform with limited flexibility to move or change if your business needs or technology stack evolve.

One51 worked extensively with our client to design and implement a single-view-of-customer solution within their data warehouse, ensuring all data integration issues were managed and maintaining high data quality.

The One51 single-view-of-customer solution implemented an identity resolution system, providing unique identifiers for each customer at the brand and organisation level. With the single-view-of-customer solution in place, One51 worked with the Marketing Team in publishing these records to their Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance, enabling them to have a more accurate customer campaign targeting.

What is a Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP)?​

A CDP system gathers, organises, and stores customer data from various sources to create unified customer profiles. These profiles can then be used to drive personalised marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and other data-driven strategies.

A Composable CDP is a bespoke build (as opposed to an “off-the-shelf” CDP functionality). It emphasises the ability to easily integrate with other systems and tools within an organisation’s tech stack.

This adaptability and interoperability enable companies to create tailored marketing stacks, data pipelines, and customer experiences using their preferred set of technologies.

By being composable, this type of CDP fosters agility, scalability, and greater customisation possibilities, helping businesses make the most of their customer data to drive better results and gain a competitive edge.

Undoubtedly, the Composable CDP exists in many organisations and resides in the Data Warehouse realm, providing the single view of the customer and waiting for this data to be activated in the Marketing stack.

A flexible, scalable single customer identity solution with trusted real-time data

Through One51’s work and collaboration with our client, we delivered a robust single-view-of-customer that combined over 21 million customer data points to provide 2 million (and growing) unique customer profiles across multiple brands.

The solution designed and developed by One51 generates a daily average of 3,000 new profiles and between 50,000 to 250,000 customer profile updates. The single-view-of-customer solution generates a unique customer identifier that allows the client to identify individuals across all data sources and their profiles related to each brand the client owns. The unique identifier is custom-generated and persists within the client’s raw data, meaning it will be preserved and remain unchanged should the client decide to adopt new technology solutions or a CDP in the future. This level of data quality is essential for a tailored marketing and user experience relevant to the customer behaviours within each brand.

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Building a Composable CDP for a multi-brand Fast Food Company

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