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A single source of truth with centralised reporting for a major Australian brand



Our client (a much-loved Australian brand) was struggling with disparate and duplicate data that was making consistent and reliable reporting near impossible.

In need of data cleansing and modelling that would enable a single source of truth and provide a foundation for robust data governance, the company engaged One51.

After working closely with stakeholders to elicit requirements, One51’s team set out to deliver a unified solution underpinned by accurate metrics and built on best-practice user experience design.

Thousands of metrics without clearly defined data governance

Having implemented a new organisation-wide data platform, our client quickly realised a need to establish data governance.

3,000 metrics were scattered across the platform, with ad-hoc operational reports being generated by various personnel in various departments. Duplication was a constant issue, and there were no defined data practices or policies for how people should access or use data.

Reports were taking an excessive amount of time to generate, and security was concerning as confidential sales data could be accessed by unauthorised staff.

Thousands of metrics without clearly defined data governance

A key priority for our client was to be able to measure performance at all levels of the business – from the frontline to specific groups and regions, through to the C-Suite layer. This first required sifting through the thousands of metrics that were being ingested by the data platform to decipher which ones were accurate and useful.

One51 set about re-organising the company’s data environment to establish new metrics and eliminate duplication. Migration from SQL Server to Snowflake provided an opportunity for data cleansing and to improve data being used while archiving what was no longer needed. Snowflake’s capabilities allowed for the following:

More data to be loaded into cubes so users could quickly access even more historical data
Reduced pressure on the on-premise database (which struggled to load large multi-sourced datasets)
Datasets to be scheduled more frequently due to shorter load times

The team was able to implement solutions where data was loaded as it was received by the data warehouse – enabling near real-time insights while greatly improving processing performance for reporting.

In building the dashboards for analytics, One51’s team engaged with key business units to discuss challenges and identify data and reporting requirements. To streamline feedback, a voting poll was sent out to users, which aided in rapid iterations for prompt delivery.

Across the engagement, One51 provided:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Data validation and reconciliation
  • Data modelling and engineering
  • Best practice user experience design
One51 also conducted extensive training for super users – explaining how best to use the dashboards and produce relevant reports to drive adoption and rebuild trust in the platform.

Centralised insights and intuitive dashboards enabling self-service analytics

Business users now have access to a single source of truth, with purpose-built dashboards that display valuable information at the click of a button.

Critical KPIs are now centralised, and users can access sales figures and other operational data in one place with no need to waste time digging for data. Best practice user experience ensures data displays are easy to understand and quick to interpret.

Training has significantly boosted data literacy and enabled self-service analytics for:


Near real-time insights and rapid decision making


The ability to drill down and identify trends and risks


Greater confidence in leveraging data for strategic planning


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